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Create Your Own Life

At Park Lane Jewellery we recognise commitment & dedication.  We admire driven minds that rise to the challenge of life.  Not only will Park Lane adorn you with the feeling of accomplishment, you will be also be recognised with cash rewards, free jewellery and free trips.


The Opportunity

Park Lane offers you a business of your own without any inventory investment, working part-time or full-time hours with commission paid WEEKLY.

Make new and lasting friendships with others while also being able to support charities that make a difference to you.

Standard Kit Jewellery and Supplies.jpg

Kit Options to suit every budget

Whether you want to earn your kit for free, buy a standard kit or hit the ground running with our Presidential Kit - we have something to suit everyone!

Our Kits come with all jewellery and the supplies that you need to launch a successful Park Lane business of your own.

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